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Fit to Flourish

AXA publishes their Mind Health Study to investigate themes that impact their customers, employees and partners lives so that they can find ways to better serve their needs. Themes such as happiness, self-acceptance, life satisfaction, meaning and purpose. How mental health conditions, depression, stress and anxiety can affect relationships. What positive actions and taking control of your mental health could achieve. And how views on mental health have changed over the years after the pandemic.

The data reveals that only one in four in Asia are in a state of "Flourishing" – that's living life to the fullest and contributing positivly to society. Many others are "Struggling" – experiencing emotional distress. Some are "Languishing" – unmotivated to engage. And, many – just "Getting By".  

Our Fit to Flourish guides enable anyone to develop and improve their mental health. With short videos offering practical advice on developing your Emotional Intelligence, Resilience, Self Acceptance, Connectedness, Pride in Achievement, Meaning and Purpose, Challenge Response and Self Confidence. Including tips to forge better Close Relationships and explanations on the links between Physical Health and Mental health Behaviours.

Our guides were viewed online by thousands and provided an opportunity to publish content online social media to widen the reach to the AXA communities.

AXA Fit to Flourish

AXA's Fit to Flourish Social Media Campaign to promote mental health awareness. 10 short films that educate, inform and offer practical advice to help people improve their mental health.

AXA Asia
Release Date:
June 2022
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